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Neighborhood Watch

A Crime Free Community

Join the SCPCA next meeting and become informed on how we can build a crime-free community. For more information on how you can become involved with the Neighborhood Watch program, come to the next meeting.contact Gary and Jodie Layne at 454-6175.

In an emergency, dial 911

All other suspicious non-emergency calls in San Carlos Park, dial the South District Substation at (239) 477-1840.

Neighborhood Watch not only tries to stop crimes in action, but also tries to prevent future crimes. The Sheriff's Department has provided several pamphlets that have useful information to help protect yourself and your property. Links are provided below.


Neighborhood Watch Coordinators

The Neighborhood Watch Coordinators were Gary and Jodie Layne. They had to step down due to personal reasons and we are now looking for someone to take over. If anyone is interested or wants more information, please contact Mark at 590-6901 or send an email to scpca@sancarlospark.org.

Neighborhood Watch works closely with the Lee County Sheriff's Department. Several forms and publications have been provided to assist with the continued success of the program. Anyone interested in being a Block Captain can review the Duties of the Block Captain. For more information on Block Captains, download the following forms. Some may be completed by the block captain as well as nearby neighbors.

  Download Information    
Duties of the Block Captain Residential Prevention
Duties of the Coordinator Residential Security pg 1
Family Data Sheet Residential Security pg 2
Description Forms Personal Safety pg 1
Suspect Description Form Personal Safety pg 2
Neighborhood Watch Flyer pg 1 Telephone Network Chain
Neighborhood Watch Flyer pg 2 Frequently Requested Numbers